Fun, Get-Fit Gear

Put some excitement in your workout with these new fitness accessories.

By Patricia Curtis from Reader's Digest | July 2007

Too hot for a run? Stay inside with cool gadgets.


  • 1.

    Be a kid!

    Jumping rope scorches serious calories, unless you constantly trip on the rope. JumpSnap eliminates the problem—and the rope. The device even has a sound effect to mimic the whip of rope on the floor ($60;

  • 2.


    Bored by dumbbells? Try a kettlebell. The odd-looking weight transforms a workout. GoFit/Iron Core’s kettlebell comes in 10- to 45-pound sizes, with a DVD on the basics (starting at $30;

  • 3.

    Find balance.

    Jump on the rounded blue side of a BOSU Balance Trainer (it stands for “both sides up”) or lie on it for crunches. Put your hands on the black side for push-ups; wobble on it to strengthen your core. ($100; 

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