When Doctors Don’t Know the Best Medical Advice

Some of their outdated tips may compromise your care or sabotage your health goals. Here, medical advice you can safely ignore.

By Sharon Liao from Reader's Digest Magazine | June 2013

Old Medical Advice: Eat oatmeal for breakfast. It’s low in fat, full of fiber, and a good source of healthy whole grains.

New Medical Advice: Feast on lean protein in the morning, and you’ll eat less all day. According to an International Journal of Obesity study, people who started their day with a meal that included protein-packed pancakes felt fuller—and ate 26 percent fewer calories at lunch—than those served a plain stack. Protein encourages the release of peptide YY, the gut hormone that sends a satiety signal to the brain, says the University of Missouri’s Leidy, who also led this research project. Pump up your basic bowl of oatmeal by topping it with nuts or chia seeds. Or stir in protein powder, low-fat milk, or pasteurized egg whites.

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