10 Tips for the Perfect Beach Picnic

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1. Take as much finger food as possible, to reduce the necessity of lugging around silverware and plates.


Good picnic foods include: - Grapes, apples, berries, and other fruit - Baby carrots, and other raw veggies, with hummus or eggplant dip - Cheese and crackers - Pick a French Brie or Camembert, which will ooze deliciously in the heat, rather than a hard cheese such as Cheddar, which will go oily when left in the sun. - A selection of sandwiches or wraps, cut in halves or quarters. Avoid sandwiches with mayonnaise, which can go bad in the heat. - Hard-boiled eggs - Tortilla chips and salsa

2. Keep the kids happy.


Pack beach-themed foods like goldfish crackers, Shark Bite fruit snacks, and seaweed crackers.

3. Use a shade umbrella or tent.


Enjoy your picnic foods minus the glare.

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4. You can’t have too many hand wipes (baby wipes work too!) to help with cleanup.


Rinsing hands in saltwater just leaves them sticky.

5. Brownies and cookies are good portable desserts.

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Avoid anything with frosting, which will melt in the heat.

6. Take along bottles of partially frozen water.


Your water will stay cool even after sitting in the sun.

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7. Don't forget a bottle opener.

istock/Peter-John Freeman

And remember to pack the can opener, too.

8. Spread your picnic on a tablecloth on the sand.


It's lighter than a blanket, and much easier to wash.

9. Tote your drinks in a cooler.

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10. Don’t forget to take some games to play after the food is eaten!


Beach balls, Frisbees, playing cards and Twister are good standbys. Sources: Picnicworld.net, Squidoo.com, delish.com, thesecretingredientonline.com, the-picnic-site.com

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