4 Reasons to Avoid All Soda (Even Diet)

That innocent-looking can of soda—no matter what it's sweetened with—may be taking a toll on your immunity.

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4 Reasons to Avoid All Soda (Even Diet)© iStockphoto/Thinkstock
That innocent-looking can of soda pop-no matter what it’s sweetened with-may be taking a toll on your immunity. Here’s why:

1. People who drink sodas instead of healthy beverages (think low-fat milk and pure fruit juice) are less likely to get adequate vitamin A, calcium, and magnesium. What’s more, soda contains phosphoric acid that depletes calcium and magnesium. These two nutrients help keep your immunity operating at peak efficiency.

2. Sodas containing high-fructose corn syrup also contain high levels of free radicals linked to tissue damage, the development of diabetes, and diabetic complications.

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3. Plastic soda (and water) bottles contain a toxic chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) that can leach from bottles into soda…into you. Emerging evidence links BPA to a myriad of maladies, including immune system depression. Public health experts recommend that we protect children from exposure to products containing BPA-especially those they consume or use every day.

4. Diet soda actually contributes to weight gain. A study of 1,550 people concluded that people who drink diet soda have a 41 percent increased risk of being overweight or obese-for every can or bottle they drink per day! Turns out, any sweet taste signals body cells to store fat and carbohydrates, which makes you hungrier. Sweet tastes also promote insulin release, which blocks your body’s ability to burn fat. The hard truth: No published study has ever proven that drinking diet soda will help you lose weight.

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    • Flare

      i have many friends who drink normal coke who have never had a cavity and havnt gained weight. The diet soda drinkers are the ones who i see being fat.

    • helpdrug

      This is untrue.As a healthprofessional, diabetes has nothing to do with soda, etc.but is a complex inflammtory dehydration disorder set up from toomuch warming foods such as spices,meats,coffee, etc. and a genetic tendency to overheat,etc. Sugar and sweeteners actually cool the body down. also, as a former bodybuilder, I cut my body weight from 132 to 115 and dropped my body fat to 12% while drinking sodas- diet sodas included. Weight gain is a complex issue of eating disorders, portion control problems, genetics, lack of activity, etc. hormones, muscle fat ratios- which have more to do with protein consumption, burn rates, genetics, and heavy resistance training, etc I am sick of the ignorance on these issues and false lies written by people with no degrees and education or personal experience with any of this. Sugar is NOT the enemy!!!!!!! Sugar lowers hypertension. Why don’t people go after the real dangerous chemicals/poisons like the stuff in their prescription drugs. Do your researchon the multiple chemicaltoxic compounds in your drugs.

      • HA

        Research done at theChildren’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute found that free fructose from HFCS requires more energy to be absorbed by the gut and soaks up two phosphorous molecules from ATP (our body’s energy source).

        This depletes the energy fuel source, or ATP, in our gut required to maintain the integrity of our intestinal lining. Little “tight junctions” cement each intestinal cell together preventing food and bacteria from “leaking” across the intestinal membrane and triggering an immune reaction and body wide inflammation.

        High doses of free fructose have been proven to literally punch holes in the intestinal lining allowing nasty byproducts of toxic gut bacteria and partially digested food proteins to enter your blood stream and trigger the inflammation that we know is at the root of obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia, and accelerated aging. Naturally occurring fructose in fruit is part of a complex of nutrients and fiber that doesn’t exhibit the same biological effects as the free high fructose doses found in “corn sugar”.

        • doctor7

          HA is right I work at the research center in Philadelphia and I can confirm that most of this is true. And sorry to burst your bubble sir but your grammar is not that great