Banish Bad Fat

Learn about fats and get lean the right way

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12. Follow a simple rule: If you can plainly see fat on your food, remove it. Here’s what we mean:

  • If there is fat on the meat, trim it off.
  • If there is skin on the chicken, remove it.
  • If there is oil pooling on the top of the pizza, sop it up with a paper towel.
  • If there is dressing pooled at the bottom of your salad, pour it off.
  • If there’s a pool of juice under a cooked meat (and it’s not a sauce), drain it.
  • If there’s fat at the top of a bowl of stew or soup, skim it.

13. Cook your flavor into breads, pancakes, muffins, and other carb-based foods so you don’t need to add butter. For example, add herbs to breads; blueberries to pancakes; nuts and bananas to muffins. Grain-filled foods are often the ones that you most want to butter, but if you make them more flavorful, you get around the urge.

14. Put salsa on your baked potato, not butter or sour cream. You not only skip the fat, but add in a healthy, low-cal serving of vegetables.

15. Mist your fat. Use a nonfat spray like PAM to coat pans and foods. You can even make a butter-free grilled cheese sandwich by spraying both sides of the bread and the pan with PAM. You’ll get the same crunchy, delectable flavor without the fat. You can also buy a contraption called the Misto, which enables you to mist your olive oil, thus using far less than if you poured it.

16. Sauté foods in broth, wine, even juice. These are just a few of the alternatives to filling the bottom of your cookware with calorie-dense oils.

17. Buy the right whole grain crackers. We want you to eat whole grains, but when it comes to crackers, even these supposedly healthy nibbles are often packed with trans fats. Some good ones that either have little or no trans fats include: Ak-Mak 100% Whole Wheat Crackers, Finn Crisp, GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread, Kavli Whole Grain Crispbread, Wasa, and Kashi TLC.

18. Watch out for trans fats in unexpected places. That would be peanut butter, graham crackers, energy bars, frozen pizza, cereal, and frozen waffles. Even foods you might think of as health foods — such as granola — often carry large amounts of trans fats.

19. Use nonfat evaporated milk in place of cream for cream-based soups and other recipes.

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