Better Breakfast + Exercise = More Fat Burning

How beginning your day with the right morning meal can boost energy and burn fat.

By Janis Graham from Reader's Digest | September 2009

Change the kind of carbs you start your morning with and you could double the amount of fat you burn during your subsequent walk or workout, according to a study from the University of Nottingham in England. Earlier research found fit athletes maximize fat burning when they switch up their carbs — this new study, in beginning exercisers, shows the rest of us can reap the benefit too.

An added bonus: You’ll feel less hungry later in the day when you eat the right breakfast, the study suggests.

The key: Choose carbs that are digested slowly — that is, unrefined carbs that are high in fiber — instead of ones that your body will burn fast for energy.

Oatmeal with BlueberriesSteve Cohen / FoodPix / Jupiter ImagesEating oatmeal, not cornflakes, helps keep blood sugar steady.

4 Healthy Breakfast Swaps
Instead of this: Corn, rice, wheat, or bran flakes with raisins
Eat this: Kellogg’s All-Bran cereal with strawberries or peaches

Instead of this: 1/2 bagel or English muffin with jam
Eat this: A whole wheat pita with peanut butter

Instead of this: Hot wheat cereal (such as Cream of Wheat) with brown sugar
Eat this: Rolled oats with blueberries

Instead of this: Frozen waffle with syrup
Eat this:1 egg, a slice of whole wheat toast, and an apple

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