Digest Diet: Shopping Lists

Click the links below to get your shopping lists for the Digest Diet; great for printing and quick reference. We promise a trip to the grocery store has never been easier!

Digest Diet Shopping List: Days 1-4

Digest Diet Shopping List: Days 5-9

Digest Diet Shopping List: Days 10-14

Digest Diet Shopping List: Days 15-21

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    • Mayberry_gal

      I have 40-60 pounds to loose. Female, 2 lbs first day 5 second day, 0 third, 1 fourth. I am one of those people who could not loose weight. A diet which worked for everyone else. Adkins did not work for me.. I was very strict and lost 4 pounds in 6 weeks… Just did not work and felt like crap. So, far this is the diet, change of eating that seems to work for me. I even had gastric by pass and never went under 200 pounds. It made no sense at all until now, Not the right combination of fat, Carbs, fiber and fat.. Happy, happy, happy… :)

    • myra

      I wish I could just plain down load the grocery lists. Would be so much faster – especially since it seems to take forever to move to the point of printing!

    • Elaine

      Does anyone know if you can have morning coffee with the shake?

    • tclose

      Just started the diet and am on day 4. Was a Little rough, but I made it through. Not having any sugar cravings and lost about 3-4 lbs. Woo!

    • Donna

      Anyone having problems using the bookmark or annotation. The name of the recipe does not show up. I put a bookmark on the Mexican Cobb Salad and it marks as …is removed with a spoon??? Annotation? How is it used?

    • John F

      I just started the diet today after having the book for several months. The morning smoothie was tasty and I enjoyed the kale and chickpea soup for my lunch. A friend is beginning tomorrow so we can support each other. Looking forward to swimming in daylight this year.

    • jpsmom

      I have a gluten allergy. Any suggestions for which wraps and crackers to use?

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