Digest Diet: Shopping Lists

Click the links below to get your shopping lists for the Digest Diet; great for printing and quick reference. We promise a trip to the grocery store has never been easier!

Digest Diet Shopping List: Days 1-4

Digest Diet Shopping List: Days 5-9

Digest Diet Shopping List: Days 10-14

Digest Diet Shopping List: Days 15-21

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    • momac59

      I just lost 20 pounds on my own but still have another 50 to go and want to try the Digest Diet. But I am a diabetic; on oral and I shot of insulin at night. I’m afraid I will have probs. with my blood sugar dropping on days 1-4. I also am required to eat a snack before bedtime. What should I eat? There is nothing in the book about this. Any diabetics out there that have done this diet? Can you share info. with me? Thanks!

    • bbsue

      I love this diet! I lost 10 pounds right away, then gained 5 lbs back over the holidays when I stopped it. Recently learned I have an immune-system disorder causing inflammation everywhere and, since the diet is high in Ometa-3s and antioxidants am giving it another go.
      In reading the negative comments here, I applaud the creative cooks who know how to make substitutions. Substituting spinach for kale, for instance. I actually add olive oil to the shakes bcause I don’t like the other fat choices. Flaxseed meal and coconut milk are unrepleaceable, though, as far as I’m concerned, for their health properties.
      My suggestion is: if you don’t like a particular food in the recipe, find another one off the same list and substitute it. It’s an easy way to lose weight and it DOES have lots of health benefits.

    • Pattyo1939

      I can’t print the shopping lists???

    • Olivia Kirkpatrick

      I love this “diet” (I really hate calling it that.) so far!  And I’m only on day 1!!  I’m not hungry AT ALL.  In fact, I’m actually pretty full and had a hard time finishing the last of my 2 cup serving Winter Squash soup with Asian Greens.  Who knew you could fight to finish the last 1/3 of your meal when on a diet?!

      Anyway, my “problem” is that I would like to eat a grapefruit and a cheese as my snack during Fast Release but can’t seem to find an answer as to whether that is allowed or not.  It would be nice to have a “help desk” or a place to find answers fairly quickly for questions.  That was my initial problem.  And now that I’ve actually started the diet, my next “problem” is that I didn’t get in my snack today.  I’m too full!

    • roberta mcconnell

      are you able to drink coffee with this diet?

    • Turksfarm

      I’ve always appreciated Reader’s Digest for “down-to-earth” information and stories. I thought if RD promoted a diet, it had to be great! But really, where do rural people find things like fennel bulbs, dried ancho chiles, and light coconut milk??? I’m thinking this is not a real man’s diet, and I just shopped for the first 4 days. It may work if I can do my grocery shopping in some specialty store! Very disappointed!

    • Pastormarye

      It would help if the page numbers on the shopping lists included “Day 1-4″ then “page 2″

    • Talleyho2u

      Just completing Day 1.  I am confident this is what I have been looking for.  In the past 4 years, I have used Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, and on both gained weight.  About a year ago, someone introduced me to the paleo eating style.  Though I lost weight on the paleo, it simply excluded so many foods I believe necessary for good health.  I am 60 years old, and run 3-4 miles 5 days a week.  I have chosen to follow the DD and walk these first 4 days rather than continue my running.  I am excited to see quick results, and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1571118177 Gracie Tommy Evins

      My husband and I are just about to complete the 3-week program.  I have these observations:
      1. It is expensive and wasteful because one has to buy ingredients that are used only one or two times and then the rest is wasted.
      2.  My husband doesn’t like sour things.  He has eaten the yogurt but can’t stay with that.  Also, we need salad dressings other than vinegairette.  The buttermilk dress was tolerable but too thin.  Could non-fat cottage be substituted in the snacks?
      3.  Your recipes call for ingredients that are not readily available or just weird.  More ordinary recipes instead of  “gourmet” would be easier to prepare.  Turbinado sugar?  Never heard of it.
      4.   Flaxseed meal is just gross.  There must be something that would work just as well and not be so objectionable.
      5.  Your advertising trumpets “27 pounds in three weeks” in bright bold letters.  The disclaimer “results not typical” in teeny tiny print.  Misleading.
      In spite of the objections, we’re glad we tried it but won’t do it again nor recommend it to friends.

    • Notcho

      I notice that there is nothing in the book or elsewhere about diabetic recipes. I wonder if this is an oversight on the part of the editors?