Digest Diet Success Story: “I Broke My Sugar Addiction!”

In this inspiring weight loss success story, see how Dawn Vezirian used the Digest Diet to kick her sugar addiction and feel healthier and less stressed than ever.

from Reader's Digest Magazine | July/August 2012
Dawn VezirianPhotographed by Emilie Harjes


Dawn Vezirian, 48, associate director of finance at Reader’s Digest, couldn’t imagine a day without sugar. She’d often take breaks to stock up on candy at the drugstore. She tried to lose weight but kept yo-yoing within the same 20 pounds. So we gave her The Digest Diet, our new plan that emphasizes wholesome, fat releasing foods.

“I’ve Rewired My Brain”

From day one of the 21-day plan, Dawn says she realized she wasn’t craving sweets to soothe stress. “A chemical change happened. I look at cookies, and I just don’t care.” Gone, too, is the feeling she describes as being on a roller coaster, shifting from “I’m so stuffed I can’t move” to “I’m starved, I need to eat now.”

“It’s Just Regular Food”

For Dawn, the diet’s biggest upside was the simple recipes, which encouraged her to try new foods. “I never would have tried quinoa or light coconut milk before.” She loves the healthy smoothies for breakfast, especially Banana Chocolate.

“I’ve Lost 22 Pounds in Six Weeks”

Thrilled to splurge on pants two sizes smaller, Danw is sticking with the plan. “It’s an easier way to eat,” she says. “The Digest Diet makes it simple to make a lifestyle change.”

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    • http://www.charterdaycare.com/ Charter Day Care

      Great post.Thanks for sharing this post with us.Keep it up.

    • Pat

      I started this diet after being told my blood sugar and cholesterol levels were a little high. Three weeks on this diet and everything is in the normal range! Lost 8 pounds too!

    • HScott

      I have purchased The Digest Diet book. I love the diet and  I am enjoying the food. I know you advertise this diet as a 6 week weight loss plan but I have quite a bit of weight to lose. I would really like to hear from the people who were in the book and find out about their continued success. It would be good inspiration to know.

      • Jammie

        Hi HScott, I just got the book and started reading it tonight. I will start this diet in a few weeks… I read in the book if you have more to lose then when you are done with day 21 you start phase 2 again and then phase 3, then again phase 2 then phase 3… Good luck!

    • Weiss

      I’d been hoping to get some answers to my questions about the diet, but I haven’t had a response since Wednesday. I’m trying this site to see if I get any better response. Here are (were) my questions:

      Jonathan Weiss I have 2 questions (BTW, I have dropped 10 pounds in 14 days):
      1) Are the meals and snacks on a given day coordinated with each other? If I switch a meal or snack from another day (within the phase) am I getting something out of balance?
      2) What happens to the plan if I cheat/break down and have a beer or some ice cream or some other evil thing? Do I have to start over from the beginning,or from the beginning of a phase, or just pick up where I left off? Jonathan Weiss 1) Salads: Why only leaves? What’s wrong with adding grape tomatoes and/or bell pepper and/or avocado and/or cucumber and/or mushrooms?2) Any reason not to substitute a Phase 2 shake for a breakfast and/or lunch in phase 3? I often have mealtime meetings which I could handle much more easily with a drink.

      • Rach

        Hi Jonathan,

        I hope this helps you, although may not be what you want to hear. After reading your post, all I could think was, why plan to fail? If only leaves are recommended, then eat just the leaves. However, I honestly think that adding all those things complicates things a bit, and sometimes the best way to do things is in a simplisitc manner. Remember, keep it simple…easier to follow. Once you get it all down, then you can incorporate all that other stuff in. Get through your Phases, and see how maintaining works for you with changing things up.