Don’t Drink Your Calories

Don’t ruin your diet with empty calories from sugary drinks. Here are 15 ideas for drinks that are diet and figure-friendly.

1. Lighten your coffee with evaporated nonfat milk instead of 2 tablespoons of French vanilla, nondairy creamer. Calories saved: 55

2. Drink a 12-ounce diet soda instead of regular soda. Calories saved: More than 100

3. Have a cup of skim milk instead of a cup of whole milk. Calories saved: 65

4. Dilute your fruit juice. Fill an 8-ounce glass with 4 ounces of juice and 4 ounces of water instead of all juice. Calories saved: 50

5. Opt for a tumbler of cherry-flavored sparkling water, instead of a 5-ounce goblet of wine. Calories saved: 100

6. In the mood for hot chocolate? Add a sugar-free packet to your 2% milk, rather than sugar. Calories saved: 60

7. Hold the whipped cream on any coffee or beverage. Calories saved: 50

8. Smoothies? Make your own: Blend 1 cup of skim milk, 1/2 cup of strawberries, and 1/2 of a medium frozen banana, rather than buying a commercial milkshake. Calories saved: 100

9. Tried soymilk? Replace 1 cup of whole milk with a 1 cup of vanilla soymilk. Calories saved: 50

10. Make your own root beer float instead of buying one at the ice cream parlor. Pour a can of diet root beer over a scoop of vanilla ice cream — don’t forget the straw. Calories saved: 100

11. Instead of fruit juice, have a V-8. Calories saved: 60

12. Choose light beer over dark beer. Calories saved: 50

13. Enjoy a cup of black tea without the sugar — better yet, try green tea, hot or cold. Calories saved: 15 per teaspoon of sugar

14. Swap a small chocolate milkshake for an 8-ounce carton of chocolate milk. Calories saved: 75

15. Try a packet of strawberry Carnation Instant Breakfast made with 2% milk instead of whole milk. Calories saved: 65

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