Whether pearled, hulled, or quick cooked, barley can help transform your diet.

  from Magic Foods

While barley is a natural for soups, think outside the stockpot. Broaden your barley horizons and experiment.

  • Instead of rice pilaf, make barley pilaf to serve with any main dish.
  • Add barley to casseroles and use it in place of rice in rice salads.
  • Serve barley and diced apples with rosemary baked chicken.
  • Add cooked, chilled barley to a bean salad for a fantastic lunch.
  • Try corn and barley relish. Add canned or frozen corn to cooked barley along with olive oil; wine vinegar; chopped fresh basil; salt; pepper; and chopped tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions.

Perfect Portion: 1/2 cup
This is a good amount for a side dish. For main dishes you can have 3/4 cup and still keep the GL in the “low” category.

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