Make Healthy Choices at Coffee Shops

There's no excuse for letting these morning fixtures destroy your health goals.

from Stealth Health

6. If you must order specialty beverages, order ones made with milk, like cappuccino or latte. And ask that they be made with low-fat or skim milk. You’ll get a goodly amount of calcium along with the warmth and caffeine but without the saturated fat.

7. Forget the whipped topping. You’ll instantly save 100 calories and 10 grams fat.

8. Share a muffin between you and two other people. With Dunkin’ Donuts muffins weighing in at a hefty 5 ounces, each packs 500-600 calories, along with 15-24 grams of fat, notes Dr. Jacobson. As with a doughnut, think “treat” rather than breakfast when you get a muffin at a store. Muffins — even bran muffins — tend to be more about good taste than good nutrition.

9. Substitute skim milk when adding your own “creamer.” You’ll save upward of 50 calories, depending on the size of your drink. Chances are, you won’t notice the difference between the skim dairy and the half-and-half.

10. Go for a flavored bagel. If you’re ordering blueberry, cinnamon raisin, or some other tasty flavor, you won’t need the extra cream cheese, butter, or other spreads, Dr. Jacobson notes. Skip the salt bagel, though. It has more than a day’s worth of sodium, he says. Better still, go for whole wheat, multigrain, or oat bran bagels — you can eat your bagel and have some good nutrition too!

11. Pick the low-fat option. Many bakeries (even Dunkin’ Donuts) do offer low-fat options of their tasty treats. This is still a long way from health food, but it’s a healthy step closer.

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