Organic Foods That Are Still Junk Food

Just because it's organic doesn't mean it's always good for you.

By Reader's Digest Editors

5. Cookies

Kashi makes perfect cereals with tons of fiber and great whole-grain products. They also make some darn delicious cookies, with the calorie content to match; at 130 calories per cookie, an apple is still a much better choice. Health food stores are lined with imitation Oreos and other types of cookies. But remember, these are still cookies.

We suggest: Don’t kid yourself. Enjoy in moderation.

6. Chips

Kettle Chips come in some delicious, unique flavors, like Chipotle Barbeque and Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper. Every single little ounce also comes with 150 calories and 9 grams of fat.

We suggest: Moderation is key, especially with chips, since the fat and calories can quickly add up. Pop your own popcorn for fewer calories and more fiber.

Other to look out for:


Peanut butter cups

Chocolate covered anything

Chocolate bars


Cheese Puffs

We suggest: Use common sense. If it’s breaded or fried, made with cheese or chocolate, creamy or sweet, then its junk food and should be treated as such.

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    • cb

      Lame article stating the obvious. Now I remember why it’s called Reader’s Disgust.

    • Alex Reynolds

      finally whole foods and a few others are labelling gmo products-consumer demand trumps all

    • Beulah Barrett

      Kashi uses GMO. If you care about that, best to not eat it.

    • Alex Reynolds

      Correct studies out of europe have linked GMO to cancer, monsanto is worse than any terrorist organization

    • Alex Reynolds

      Get rid of the GMO crap and you will be good

    • Mary Dries Coates

      You forgot nutella, it is still a junk food. It is 200 calories and 110 is fat calories. Even Jif is producing their own brand now because Nutella has taken a chunk out of the peanut butter crowd. Anything with chocolate is still sugar and palm oil.

    • unknown

      for one organic food is delicous and healthy it does pay better to eat healthier than the gmo artificial crap. ill stick to my organic diet i have never felt so much better since i switched to organic

    • Goober

      If anyone actually believes that eating everything that is “healthy” for you will prevent diseases like Cancer , is a fool. It’s not the calories–it’s the moderation. We only live once so why not treat oneself to some food that is just plain delightful to eat.

    • Gary Drake

      Maybe it is just my non organic fed mind, but when did organic claim to be fat, calorie,salt, sugar free?

    • JoelM

      If you needed to read this article to find this out there is no hope for you. You will always be fat and dumb.