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Healthy Foods, Healthy Skin
Healthy Foods, Healthy Skin

New research suggests some foods have the power to guard skin from the damage caused by the sun's… >>

molasses for energy
Healthy Eating Habits for More Energy

There's power in your pantry: Find a natural solution in the kitchen for an energy boost. >>

skinny recipes hummus
Bob Harper’s Signature No-Oil Hummus Recipe

Protein- and fiber-packed hummus is a favorite new snack for the 'Biggest Loser''s trainer. >>

skinny recipes breakfast sandwich
Bob Harper’s B.E.S.T Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

This hearty-but-light breakfast idea from the famous ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer will keep you full… >>

skinny recipes roasted fish
Bob Harper’s Roasted Fish Recipe

The ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer is a big fan of a fish-rich diet and this easy weeknight recipe. >>

Eater's Digest: Instant, Magic Ice Cream Recipe
Eater’s Digest: Instant, Magic Ice Cream Recipe

Confession: Last summer I ate my weight in this simple “ice cream”, inspired by my friend Gena… >>

calcium sources for dairy haters dislike milk
Surprising Calcium Sources for Dairy Haters

Not a fan of yogurt or milk? Try these excellent foods to get enough bone-building, fat-burning… >>

Health Confession: Do You Inhale Your Lunch?
Health Confession: Do You Inhale Your Lunch?

Yesterday, I managed to scarf down my lunch—a very delicious hummus and veggie sandwich from… >>

make your work-out better running with water bottle
13 Ways You Could Improve Your Workout

Exercise faster, smarter, and more comfortably with this round up of tips from the latest studies. >>

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Healthy Vegetables You Never Knew You Liked

If you're passing on these superfoods because you hate how they taste, try these sweet cooking… >>

100 Easy Ways to Cut 50 Calories
100 Easy Ways to Cut 50 Calories

Use these simple tricks to cut calories from your plate, for health benefits and fast weight loss. >>

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Foods That Make You Dumb

You’ve probably heard of smart foods that boost your IQ, but did you know that some less-healthy… >>

skinny rules eating pizza
Skinny Rules ‘Biggest Losers’ Never Break

Weight-loss expert and ‘The Biggest Loser’ star Bob Harper’s eating tips and tricks help you… >>

bittersweet foods bagels, fortune cookie
Quiz: Can You Spot the Sugar in Your Food?

Processed sugar hides in everyday food, threatening your weight, your blood sugar, and your heart… >>

Digest Diet FAQs
Digest Diet FAQs

You asked, we answered: Fans of our book, The Digest Diet, posted these questions at… >>

Tired Woman at the office
13+ Ways to Boost Your Work Energy

Get a comprehensive, hour-by-hour guide on how to be energized at work, with a round-up of expert… >>

Meatball Pizza
7 New Reasons to Love Pizza

Upgrade your basic pizza with toppings inspired by favorite comfort foods (think meatballs, Buffalo… >>

Cookbook Obsession: Paul McCartney's Meat Free Monday Cookbook
Cookbook Obsession: Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday Cookbook

A full menu for every Monday of the year, this collection of delicious vegetarian recipes will make… >>

Turning Diet Dangers into Weight Loss Wins
Turning Diet Dangers into Weight Loss Wins

According to one study, people eat 37 more calories per meal on the weekends than on weekdays… >>

Headache and Weight Loss: What Your Body Is Telling You
Headache and Weight Loss: What Your Body Is Telling You

What you're eating (or not eating) might be causing migraine pain, but these common cues and their… >>