Salad Bar Hacking

Think a tower of pizza is cool? Check out these amazing stacks of veggies and learn about the "salad bar hacking" trend sweeping China.

By Lauren Gniazdowski from Reader's Digest magazine | April 2012
Salad bar stackingPhotograph by Stewart Williams/The Sun

Ever wonder how to make the most of your trip to the buffet? Shen Hongrui, a Chinese engineer, started a trend dubbed “salad bar hacking” by building this three-foot food tower. Here’s how it works: First, fill a bowl and lay carrot sticks on top. Next, build walls by layering cucumber, orange, and tomato slices. Lastly, fill the tower with your choice of food. This practice became so popular in Hongrui’s native China that it caused local Pizza Huts to shut down their salad bars, reports the Daily Mail.

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    • Dessta

      I think this is ridiculous.  Why RD is promoting such a thing and why people respond with such enthusiasm is beyond me.  This is, quite simply, STEALING.   What’s next?  A handy little piece of clothing with special pockets to stuff with a week’s worth of food from the Chinese buffet?  

    • Kushue

      after building the tower, where do you put it, an individual cannot possible eat all that, and as far as i remember you cannot take the leftovers home, that is why it is so aply named all you can eat, meaning NOW

    • Dverzic

      Totally unacceptable. A buffet is all you can eat NOW, not for the next three days! This “trend” is going to hurt the honest consumer by inflating prices. Is Readers Digest actually
      advocating this? I certainly hope not.