5 Ways to Look Lively

Your kids, job, and midnight snacks have left you exhausted, but your boss just won’t understand. What to do?

By celebrity makeup artist Trae Bodge from Reader's Digest | August 2009
  • Pop a dissolvable breath strip. The latest versions have added caffeine, but even the ones intended to just freshen your breath are so strong, you can expect a pick-me-up.
  • Down the java, but just a third of a cup, to avoid jumpiness and dehydration. If possible, drink it 20 minutes before go time, then drink some cold water, which also amps up circulation.
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  • Use a brush for applying under-eye concealer because it allows for a close cover-up along the lash line. Push and pat the product into the skin rather than rub.
  • Beware the bronzer. You may be tempted to abuse it—so at least choose the right one for your skin tone (the package will tell you). Rule of thumb: The veins on your wrists look blue for cool skin, green for warm. Use a light touch.
  • Dab a bright but sheer blush on the apples of the cheeks, over the bronzer, to brighten the face. A bright, sheer peach will work on just about any skin tone.

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