Are You Normal or Nuts?

Do your zany habits, fears, impulses, and superstitions make you NORMAL OR NUTS?

Do you hate to eat in front of others? Have an unreasonable fear of bald people? Just can’t stop rubbing anything made of satin? To put the question more bluntly, do your zany habits, fears, impulses, and superstitions make you NORMAL OR NUTS? Read the previous installments of this popular Reader’s Digest feature below, then tell us (anonymously) about your own unique quirks in the comments. We’ll submit them to our panel of experts and publish their analyses in an upcoming issue—titled, of course, NORMAL OR NUTS?

Am I Nuts? Compare Your Strange Behaviors
Are You Normal or Nuts?

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    • yomyom

      I am really possessive about my beard below my chin. I dont mind shaving the rest but when it comes to shaving below the chin, I just let the beard remain. I feel so possesive about it. Am I nuts?

    • Katherine

      I’m eighteen years old and ever since I learned what “right handed” versus “left handed” meant when I was around 5 years old and I learned that I was a “righty” I have always given the right side of my whole body “special treatment”. When I was younger it started out small and almost unnoticable; grabbing all good food with my right hand and all of the food that I dislike with my left, always putting the “softer” sock on my right foot, testing the bath water with my left foot to make sure it was “good enough” for the right foot. But as the years have gone on I’ve realized that its become much more noticable; now instead of just grabbing the good food with my right hand, but each piece of food needs to start on the right side of my mouth and if I grab an amount of food (like candy) it needs to be in an odd number because that way the right side will always start and end with the food so that it will never be beaten by the left side. It doesn’t really interupt my everyday life because I’ve done it for as long as I can remember so its a habit by this point. Am I crazy, or do other people do this on a normal basis too?

    • pamtriv

      I hate to hear silverware clinked or beat or banged on plates or bowls. It increases my irritation level quickly and makes me mad that people can be so uncaring about their fellow man. It gives me cold chills, nausea, and a headache. Then after the awful banging people gets the food to their mouth an then begins…….slurping, smacking,and all other nasty noises that could be eliminated if people would just chew with their mouths shut! Can we please stop this? It is not the poor or the rich, it is all!

    • Yzel Labay Sabando

      a little bit of both…

    • Ellen Carver

      Years ago I read an article in Reader’s Digest about toilet flushing spray particles and petrie dishes and an in-home experiment a scientist or journalist did… and now I can’t handle flushing without the lid down. And don’t ask me to flush and then use a public toilet with no lid.

      Also, I read an article not too long ago about drinking hot tea with or after a meal as opposed to a cold beverage… the cold beverage congeals any fats consumed, while the hot beverage helps it digest more easily. Now I can’t drink a soda or ice water when eating.

    • Sleeper10

      I have really strange dreams sometimes when dozing and I half think that they are real when I wake up. Then as I come around I realize they aren’t real. Is there something wrong with me? Does this happen to other people?