50 Best Simple Pleasures That Make Life Worth Living

From warm laundry to the smell of cookies, sometimes it really is the little things that make life beautiful!

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Clean sheets

bedsheetsFreedom Studio/ShutterstockNothing says pure bliss like getting out of a warm bath and slipping into crisp, clean sheets. As you tuck a pillow behind your head and inhale the fresh scent, it's easy to imagine all is right in the world—and it is, for this one precious moment. Don't forget these 10 tricks to make your bed even cozier!

The smell of asphalt in the summer rain

asphaltGeorgii Shipin/ShutterstockGames of tag, getting called to dinner, staying up late catching fireflies, and neighborhood adventures: The smell of a street after a summer rain calls back memories of childhood so poignant, it'll take your breath away.

The scent of a baby's head

babywavebreakmedia/ShutterstockInfant's heads are imbued with an aroma unlike any other. The soft, sweet smell manages to convey safety, comfort, and hope all in one fleeting breath. Okay, and possibly a whiff of baby throw-up—but even that is reassuring in its own way. Don't have a baby handy? Try one of these 8 smells shown to make people happy.

An empty sink

kitchensinkbestray/ShutterstockA sink completely cleared of dishes signals the end of the work day and the beginning of relaxation time. With the gently humming dishwasher in the background you can read or watch your favorite show in peace, knowing that there will be clean bowls and spoons in the morning. (Because nothing ruins a perfectly good morning like a sink of last night's dishes.)

Your favorite song

musiclisteningRock and Wasp/ShutterstockIt doesn't have to be popular, catchy, or even from this era, but we all have a favorite tune we love so much we'll never skip it on the playlist. But you don't have to wait for your song to waltz in your life; find it online and play it now. Sing aloud and enjoy every note. Psst... Here's what your favorite music says about you!

Dancing with a child

childdancingCroMary/ShutterstockKids are many things but one thing they're not is self-conscious. An adult on a dance floor will wiggle uncomfortably or look for the bar. A child, on the other hand, will take full advantage of the empty space and will twirl, cartwheel, and jump (sort-of) in time to the music. Instead of making boring conversation, trying joining one of your favorite kids in a dance-off.

A shared joke

laughingUber Images/ShutterstockJokes, by definition, are supposed to be funny. But the funniest jokes of all are the ones you share with your oldest friends. "Remember that time... and the gorilla suit... Danny... then the cops?" might not sound like much to everyone else but with the people who know the story you won't be able to breathe for laughing so hard. Take every occasion you can to remember the good times. Or do one of these 24 little ways to be a good friend.

A text from your loved one

textingImYanis/ShutterstockIn years past you used to have to wait for days, weeks, or even months to hear from a loved one. Now we have a way to instantaneously reach anyone at anytime and yet it seems like even though we're communicating more, we're sharing less. Use technology to your advantage to text a simple love note and hopefully get one (quickly!) in return.

New socks

socksEsmeralda Edenberg/ShutterstockSocks—straight out of the package, unmarred by dirt or pet hair or toenail fungus, the cotton still creased and crisp—are like little hugs for your feet. Have old socks laying around? Here are 88 things you can do with a single sock.

Doggy kisses

doggykissesMaksim Ladouski/ShutterstockDogs are the best part of coming home at the end of a long day. After all, who else gets so excited to see you that they wag their bottom, lick your face, and sometimes even pee a little on the floor? No one, that's who. Enjoy your pet's unconditional and pure affection.
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