Calm Down, Feel Better: A Lesson in Breathing

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One of the first things Navy SEALs, military pilots, and bomb experts master is how to remain calm under pressure. Retired Army Lt. Col. David Grossman, who trains them, always includes a lesson in breathing.

The more excited or stressed you are, he explains, the quicker and shallower your respiration will be and the higher your blood pressure and heart rate will jump. Too many people live in this state of alert, which compromises physical and mental performance, in addition to health.

To begin changing how you breathe, do this:
Put your hand on your belly and breathe normally. You’ll probably notice that very little is happening down there. Now try letting your belly expand like a balloon as you inhale slowly through your nose, then let it deflate as you exhale. That’s how you should be breathing all the time. The additional oxygen will nourish every cell in your body and ease your stress.

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3 thoughts on “Calm Down, Feel Better: A Lesson in Breathing

  1. what about sucking in your stomach as you inhail. it helps me loose weight and seem, to help lower my stress too.

  2. DEEP BREATHING PANACEA      Authored by Robert W. Severs
    We begin with the criteria of energy as the process of healing.  The process of healing is bringing about establishing your metabolism as it was originally created.  The complications of metabolism are caused by the concepts of the ego mind and the interference of the ego mind on the perfection of who you are.
    The deep breathing process brings about the individual corrections and healings brought about the same as Mr. A did in Ruth Montgomery’s book “Born To Heal.”  Also the book authored by William Gray, ”Know Your Magnetic Field”, who as Mr. A, worked as a practitioner in bringing the nerve energy of the individuals he worked with back to the basic position of their origin,  so they could function with the body in its’ perfect design. 
    This movement with energy, this involvement of energy was all in his ability far above most human beings in his ability to bring about a correction or healing of the people he worked with.  He could work with nerve energy in its’ correction with each individual and these were unique in each different position that they presented to him and the ailments that were evident.  And how he would work beyond the theories of general medical practice of treating symptoms he went to the patients heart in working out the exact necessity of correction in their nervous system.
     He worked as a practitioner in the state of bringing forth the correction and equalization of nerve energy in each individual.  As stated before he brought forth correcting the metabolism of each individual to its original creative position of maintaining good health within the human being within its physical structure.  The concept of breath, of air, of oxygen are brought into our body through our lung capacity, our lung function in bringing about from the atmosphere, you might say, of what we exist in the concept of air and oxygen.  The deep breathing, the total filling of our lung system is to bring about the adequate feeding of our lungs which effects our nervous system, which effects our blood circulation and the oxygen thereof that brings about the function of the total organism called the human being.  This is energy given to us on a daily basis from the concept of breathing and this is where we are constantly supplied from our Source, from our Creator the elements we need to function our body.  Here again this adjunct is needed to fulfill our energy needs in addition to having our basic daily diet as part of our functioning process.
    Most people do not realize the energy we receive from the atmosphere.  The atmosphere is probably our greatest source energy, our greatest source of finding direction in how our bodies function in total and perfect union of our physicality and its metabolism.  Metabolism of the physical is who we are. Metabolism protects and directs and stabilizes our health that the human function is thereby held in good health.  The detriment to this not happening is because of the use and belief in our ego minds.  Our ego minds are a detriment to functioning in perfect health because they introduce to each human being all the fallacies that we think are functioning/non-functioning truths, whereas they are not.
    Deep breathing can transcend the maladies of the ego mind and correct the maladies of our ill health and our dysfunction of the maladies we suffer.  Deep breathing is a means and a source of each individual being able to treat himself.  Mr. A functioned as a practitioner, William Gray would meet with his clients, he diagnosed them through sound and he could go right to the element that was of the weakened condition.  Therein he could supply the proper energy rejuvenation to that particular area and bring about a correction in the health of the patient.  With the deep breathing process each individual has his opportunity of correcting it as his own mentor & as his own mentor just through the simplicity of deep breathing he can correct all elements that are detrimental to his metabolic processes.  This is also includes the involvement with his psychological mind as well.  Whether it be depression, Alzheimer’s, migraine headache all things of an emotional nature can also be corrected.
    It is the most simple, most available, most successful means of bringing your metabolic abilities into balance.  To bring you back into a normal standard of having your body functioning properly.  So proceed to pursue the deep breathing processes to correct anything in your life that is bringing about dysfunction, that may be labeled as dysfunction and correct your life in the direction that you wish it would be and it will be on an automatic basis, you don’t have to think of it all you have to do is your deep breathing.  Be aware that most humans are shallow breathers using but a small percentage of their lung capacity.
    The deep breathing is a process of bringing about the correction, in bringing you to good health in all elements of your physicality, your psychological nature and your emotions.
    So Be It!!
    Here is some instruction on deep breathing procedure to get you started.  As you go along modify it to what works best for you in your daily routine as each person develops his method.
    1)     Sit upright with ribcage free to expand during the exercise. Through the mouth (nose is too slow) draw in as much air to fill the lungs to capacity, you will find that you are filling areas that haven’t been touched for months or years.  At the end of this take 4 or 5 quick intake gasps to overfill what you have done.  At first it may tend to choke you as you fill dormant lung areas until you become accustom to the exercise.
    2)     Hold this position briefly and then give a comfortable exhale.
    3)     Repeat 3 times and as often a possible during your daily routine.  If you put your mind to it you will find a multitude of opportunities to breathe on your own quietly and successfully.  Experiment at bedtime to see if it may over stimulate you and your sleep, you may want to skip it at that time.
    Authored by Robert W. Severs

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