Diabetes Websites and Resources

Organizations dedicated to providing you with information and support about living with, and preventing, diabetes.

from The National Institutes of Health

Diabetes doesn’t have to be tough and confusing. Many groups have dedicated their resources to helping you and your loved with diabetes.

Here is a list of resources to bookmark:

  • American Association of Diabetes Educators 1-800-338-3633 or www.diabeteseducator.org Find the name of an educator and resources in your community to help you learn about diabetes.
  • American Diabetes Association 1-800-DIABETES or www.diabetes.org Ask for information about diabetes care.
  • American Dietetic Association 1-800-877-1600 or www.eatright.org Find a dietitian to help you and your loved ones eat healthy foods.
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International 1-800-JDF-CURE or www.jdrf.org Find out about type 1 diabetes.
  • National Diabetes Education Program 1-800-438-5383 or www.ndep.nih.gov Call or visit the website for information about diabetes prevention and control.
  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse 1-800-860-8747 or www.diabetes.niddk.nih.gov Find out more about diabetes self-care.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Diabetes Translation 1-877-232-3422 or www.cdc.gov/diabetes Click on “State-based Programs” for information on government contacts in your state.

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