Drunk or Drowsy?

Stay safe on the road! Learn the telltale signs of drowsy-driving impairment.

By Mandy Matson from Reader's Digest | April 2007

It’s difficult to distinguish a drunk driver from a drowsy driver. Nearly nine out of ten police officers responding to an AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Internet survey reported they had stopped a driver they believed was drunk but who turned out to be drowsy.

The telltale signs of impairment include:


  • 1.

    Drifting out of lane

  • 2.

    Fluctuating speed

  • 3.

    Following another car too closely

  • 4.

    Head bobbing

If you spot a driver in another car displaying these signs, keep your distance and call the police or highway patrol to report him or her. Your action could save lives.

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