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5 Foods that Lower Cholesterol Naturally

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3 Tips to Eating Beef and Staying Healthy
3 Tips to Eating Beef and Staying Healthy

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5 a Day: Best Fruit Tips for a Long Life

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Is Your Backyard Toxic?

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6 Ordinary Products That Could Affect Your Health
6 Ordinary Products That Could Affect Your Health

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6 Gross Food Ingredients You Didn’t Know You Were Eating

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16 Ways to Lose Weight Walking

Walking may be the most popular form of exercise, but that doesn’t stop it from getting a little… >>

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Vice Advice: I Quit Smoking. Now What?

Smoking can take a serious toll on your health, but quitters may bounce back more quickly than you… >>

Robin Roberts
Robin Roberts’ Health News: Difficult, Yet Inspiring

Like millions of other GMA fans, I was so saddened to hear Robin Roberts’ announcement this… >>

Laura Vanderkam Breakfast Book
How to Reach Success Before Breakfast

First, we read about the secrets behind mindful eating and weight loss. Next: mindful actions and… >>

Better Habits, Better Sleep
Better Habits, Better Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Beat insomnia and other sleep problems with this easy timeline to a better… >>

The Stress-Reducing Secret You Probably Haven't Tried
The Stress-Reducing Secret You Probably Haven’t Tried

To be a rat in a scientific laboratory is to live a difficult and often abbreviated life. Rats… >>

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9 Offensively Enormous Beverages

These ridiculously oversized sweet drinks provide as many as half a day’s calories and are loaded… >>

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Vice Advice: Just How Bad Is Tanning?

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Deadly Mind Tricks

Solid intuition or not, sometimes our gut instincts lead us to fatal errors. Learn about the brain… >>

Healthy Foods, Healthy Skin
Healthy Foods, Healthy Skin

New research suggests some foods have the power to guard skin from the damage caused by the sun's… >>

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Popular Old Wives’ Tales: Fiction or Fact?

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Fast Lifestyle Fixes for Lower-Back Pain
Fast Lifestyle Fixes for Lower-Back Pain

Lower-back pain is the most common disabling pain in people under 45‚ and almost everyone will… >>

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8 Aging Myths, Debunked

Are a lower libido, achy joints, and a grumpy mood guaranteed side-effects of growing older? With… >>

Eater's Digest: Instant, Magic Ice Cream Recipe
Eater’s Digest: Instant, Magic Ice Cream Recipe

Confession: Last summer I ate my weight in this simple “ice cream”, inspired by my friend Gena… >>