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The Benefits of Mental Health (or, the Upside of Being a Little Nuts)
The Benefits of Mental Health (or, the Upside of Being a Little Nuts)

Surprise: Certain disorders, and milder so-called subclinical symptoms, are often linked to… >>

4 Heart Tests You May Not Need
4 Heart Tests You May Not Need

Before your next check up, learn which heart tests healthy people might not need. >>

Problems With Sleep: America's Most Tired States
Problems With Sleep: America’s Most Tired States

The latest snooze news reveals what states are getting a good night's sleep and which are suffering… >>

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Quiz: Can You Spot the Sugar in Your Food?

Processed sugar hides in everyday food, threatening your weight, your blood sugar, and your heart… >>

13+ Things Your Therapist Won't Tell You
13+ Things Your Therapist Won’t Tell You

Whether or not you're part of the 25% of adults who've seen a therapist, these insider secrets will… >>

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13 Things Ticks Won’t Tell You

With Lyme disease and other tick-spread illnesses predicted to spike this year, protect yourself… >>

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13+ Ways to Boost Your Work Energy

Get a comprehensive, hour-by-hour guide on how to be energized at work, with a round-up of expert… >>

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Handle Any Health Scenario with “The Doctors”

Our friends at The Doctors television show shared some abbreviations they use to care for patients… >>

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Decode Your Doctor’s Language

Medical speak is filled with tricky shorthand that can be confusing, condescending, and even life… >>

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Funny Medical Acronyms, Decoded

Say what? Here's some of the more shocking slang that doctors might use. >>

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8 Reasons Marriage Is Better Than the Gym

Here's how your relationship can keep you healthy, active, and lean. >>

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5 Surprising Habits That Make You Sick

Many of our daily habits could be sabotaging longevity, according to the thought-provoking book The… >>

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What to Eat to Cure Insomnia

These natural foods that promote relaxation might be just the ways to fall asleep. >>

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7 Extraordinary Uses for Olive Oil

Take your bottle of olive oil out of the kitchen and find out other surprising uses for it around… >>

Quiz: Are You a Healthy Sleeper?
Quiz: Are You a Healthy Sleeper?

Part 2 of an 8-part series: Take this fun quiz, and learn the Secrets of Healthy Americans, based… >>

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How to Take a Nap

From the best time of day to the perfect snooze length, here’s the experts' guide on how to take… >>

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The Essential Guide to Deeper Sleep

They may never have stepped foot in a sleep lab, but these unusual sleep experts know the secrets… >>

Easy Spring Recipe: Fish Tacos
Easy Spring Recipe: Fish Tacos

Try this simple, diabetes-friendly recipe to jazz up the dinner plate and keep your blood sugar… >>

The Speedy Guide to Make-Ahead Oatmeal
The Speedy Guide to Make-Ahead Oatmeal

Try these four easy, make-ahead techniques to enjoy delicious oatmeal with minimal fuss during the… >>

The Healthiest Approach to Daylight Saving Time
The Healthiest Approach to Daylight Saving Time

Whether you're upset about the lost hour or excited about the longer days, make sure the spring… >>