Here’s How to Prevent a Hangover While You’re Out Drinking. You’re Welcome.

It’s never too late to save yourself from a nasty headache the next morning.

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Don’t drink champagne

Here’s-How-to-Prevent-a-Hangover-While-You’re-Out-Drinking.-You’re-Welcome.IVASHstudio/Shutterstock You’ll get drunk fast if you stick to champagne; it’s just science. The bubbles in your bubbly come from carbon dioxide, and the pressure from that gas pushes alcohol out of your stomach and into your bloodstream. That accelerates the absorption of alcohol and can lead to a rough hangover in the morning.

Make juice your mixer of choice

Here’s-How-to-Prevent-a-Hangover-While-You’re-Out-Drinking.-You’re-Welcome. iuliia_n/Shutterstock We’re going to state the obvious: Fruits and veggies have more vitamins and nutrients than soda. Anytime you can add a nutritious, non-carbonated mixer to a drink, take it.

Avoid diet soda

Here’s-How-to-Prevent-a-Hangover-While-You’re-Out-Drinking.-You’re-Welcome.Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock If you just NEED a soda mixer, like a rum and Coke, opt for the regular, more sugary option. One study found that people who drank rum and Diet Coke got drunker than those who had rum and Coke. The sugar in normal Coke may slow down the rate of alcohol absorption. (Did you know Coca-Cola used to be a cocktail?)

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Steer clear of darker drinks

Here’s-How-to-Prevent-a-Hangover-While-You’re-Out-Drinking.-You’re-Welcome.Oleksandra Naumenko/Shutterstock Clear liquors like gin and vodka have fewer toxins than whiskey and rum, and the more expensive the drink, the more tolerable your hangover will be. Jason Burke, MD, creator of Hangover Heaven, told Cosmo that pricey liquors are filtered to remove as many toxins and impurities as possible. And if you need another reason to love vodka, it can rid your clothes of nasty odors.

Snack throughout the night

Here’s-How-to-Prevent-a-Hangover-While-You’re-Out-Drinking.-You’re-Welcome. stockcreations/Shutterstock Drinking on an empty stomach spells trouble. When there’s no food in your stomach, the alcohol easily reaches the small intestine and is absorbed faster into the bloodstream. So in addition to eating a carb-filled meal before going out, one night of snacking is better than an awful hangover the next morning.

Guzzle Gatorade

Here’s-How-to-Prevent-a-Hangover-While-You’re-Out-Drinking.-You’re-Welcome. Svitlana Pimenov/Shutterstock You want to do everything you can to stay hydrated during a night of drinking. Sports drinks can get the job done better than water because they also replace electrolytes. For an all-natural option, combine a cup of coconut water with a cup of your favorite fresh-squeezed juice.

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Pace yourself

Here’s-How-to-Prevent-a-Hangover-While-You’re-Out-Drinking.-You’re-Welcome.Africa Studio/Shutterstock What’s the safest amount of alcohol to drink? Alcohol tolerance varies from person to person, but as a general rule, nursing one drink per hour keeps too much alcohol from accumulating in your body.

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