How Do You Keep Your Brain Sharp?

Our quick-thinkers' creative mind-enhancing tips may surprise you!

Keep Pace With Ambition
Move your body and mind. Learn to do yoga. Or, if you are into trendy, Pilates will do.

Get heavily involved with a new skill or a new venture. Mine is raising alpacas, and soon I am going to write a fabulous blog that everybody will read.

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Keep current. Always have something on your brain burner that you are going to do soon — like a trip or Spanish lessons.

Maintain an alliance. Have an equally ancient friend who knows the same songs you do and the same slang from the same era.
— Submitted by Penelope Coker Hall, age 74

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Extend Your Margins
Puzzle yourself. Do a Sudoko puzzle each day. Give back and gain — talk to the young. Get physical. Exercise and enjoy regular sex. Plan ahead. Resolve each year to learn something new and visit a remote part of the planet.
— Submitted by Anne Best, age 60

Seek Out Challenges
I do The New YorkTimes crossword until Friday or Saturday, when I’m at a total loss. I’m also addicted to Sudoku. And I do the taxes for my business partnership, which is pretty challenging, especially reading the small print!
— Submitted by Bette Weed, age 66

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