How Do You Keep Your Brain Sharp?

Our quick-thinkers' creative mind-enhancing tips may surprise you!

Embrace Vivacity and Dip into Diversity
I try to maintain my knowledge of languages, since I have always been interested in them. The group that I belong to is now working on Italian, and I will probably go back to Berlitz when I need to use French again.

I have been learning how to sing, and it is probably the most interesting thing I have ever done. I attend an amazing audition class, which seems to give me courage to perform, while making me appear calm and self-assured. Also, I found that learning lyrics of new material is hard, but rewarding. While the songs I knew when I was young stay with me, the new ones are always a challenge.

Reap the rewards of a demanding hobby. My husband and I ski most of the winter. We found you must work out all year to ski — it is that demanding. The travel makes it even more interesting.

Take a dip. I used to run and race, but my knees deserted me about 5 years ago. Now, twice a week, I work out with a trainer. I also swim 5 days a week, early in the morning. I think the laps clear my head.

Focus on family. The children — particularly the grandchildren — provide the incentive to keep up and stay active. Their interests, activities and even their homework allow opportunities to maintain some degree of acuity.
— Submitted by Dolly-Ellen Friedman, age 70

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