Work Stress SOS: Your Heart Health

When you avoid stress at work, you may also be avoiding heart surgery.

By Mehmet C. Oz | MD from Reader's Digest | January 2008
Work Stress Stress on the job can make you sick.

Many of my heart surgery patients have told me that work stress had a role in their illness.

How to cope:


  • 1.

    Don't Stew

    Instead, take it out on a small ball you keep in your desk. Squeeze it, throw it in the air, or even take it outside and bounce, throw and catch it until you feel better.

  • 2.

    Mini Massage

    Take your shoes off and rub your feet, bending your toes, ankles and arches to ease tension. Or massage your hands, focusing on the highly sensitive tips of your fingers.

  • 3.

    Seek Peace

    Take time to regain perspective, whether you close your door or go to your car for a few minutes.

  • 4.

    Find Joy

    Put flowers at your desk or get a small fountain to create the soothing sound of running water.

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