3 Marvelous Uses for Marshmallows

This campfire classic is more than just tasty -- check out other things you can do with marshmallows.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Keep brown sugar soft
Ever notice how brown sugar seems to harden overnight once you’ve opened the bag? Next time you open a bag of brown sugar, add a few marshmallows to the bag before closing it. The marshmallows will add enough moisture to keep the sugar soft for weeks.

Stop ice-cream drips
Here’s an easy way to keep a leaky ice-cream cone from staining your clothes. Just place a large marshmallow in the bottom of the cone before you add the ice cream.

Impromptu cupcake frosting
You’re already mixing the batter for the cupcakes when you realize you’re out of frosting. No problem, if you happen to have some marshmallows on hand! Just pop a marshmallow on top of each cupcake about a minute or so before they come out of the oven. It makes a delicious, instant, gooey frosting.