4 Creative Ways to Reuse Magazines

Alternatives to recycling your old magazine issues.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

No-cost gift wrap
Cut out pages with colorful magazine advertisements and use them to make lovely gift wrap for small gifts.

Keep wet boots in shape
Roll up a couple of old magazines and use them as boot trees inside a pair of damp boots. The magazines will help the boots maintain their shape as they dry.

Use in kids’ craft projects
Save up your old magazines for use in rainy-day craft projects with the kids. Let them go through the magazines to find pictures and words to use in collages. Suggest themes for the collages if you like.

Line drawers
Pages from large magazines with heavy coated paper make wonderful liners for small dresser and desk drawers. Look for advertisements with especially colorful designs or pictures. Clip the page, place inside the drawer, and press around the edges to define where to trim with scissors.