4 Fabulous Uses for Twist Ties

Don't toss twist ties into the trash -- they're handy for these quick fixes.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Organize electrical cords
Does the top of your desk look like wild vines of wire have overtaken it? Is there a thicket of cord behind your entertainment center? Tame the technology jungle by rolling each wire up neatly and securing the extra length with a twist tie.

Tie up plant stems
Twist ties are handy for securing a drooping plant stem to a stake or holding vines to a trellis. Don’t twist the ties too tight, because you might injure the stem and restrict its growth.

Code your keys
Got several similar-looking keys on your chain? Quickly identify them with twist ties of different colors secured through the holes in the keys.

Bind loose-leaf paper
Hold sheets of loose-leaf paper together by inserting twist ties in the holes.