5 Ways to Put Cheesecloth to Work

Here are 5 things you never would have imagined cheesecloth can do.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Remove turkey stuffing with ease
To keep turkey dressing from sticking to the bird’s insides, pack the dressing in cheesecloth before you stuff it into the turkey’s cavity. When the turkey is ready to serve, pull out the cheesecloth and the stuffing will slide out with it.

Make a homemade butterfly net
Just sew cheesecloth into a bag and glue or staple it to a hoop formed from a wire coat hanger — and send the kids a-hunting. Or make a smaller cheesecloth net for when you take the kids fishing and let them use it as a bait-net to catch minnows. For an inexpensive Halloween costume, wrap a child in cheesecloth from head to toe and send your mini-mummy out to collect candy.

Convert a colander into a strainer
If you can’t find a strainer when you need one, a colander lined with cheesecloth will serve in a pinch.

Cut vacuuming time
Here is a neat, time-saving way to vacuum the contents of a drawer filled with small objects without having to remove the contents. Simply cover the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner with cheesecloth, secured with a strong rubber band, and the vacuum will pick up only the dust.

Reduce waste drying herbs
When drying fresh herbs, wrap them in cheesecloth to pre-vent seeds and smaller crumbled pieces from falling through.