Care for Clothing on the Cheap

Got a run in your pantyhose? Need to zap a stain? Here are thrifty tricks for keeping your clothes in top shape.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

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How to Treat Ink Stains
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Kiss Lipstick Stains Goodbye
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Rub Away Ugly Perspiration Stains
Want to get the underarms of your favorite shirts and blouses clean? Don’t sweat it! Here are natural solutions.

Shoe and Sneaker Odor
Let bad smells go running — step into a fresh pair of shoes or sneakers with these simple solutions.

Spilled Coffee? 5 Quick Fixes
Quick ways to clear cups and clothes of coffee stains.

Wash Delicates Safely
Laundry solutions for your delicates.

Wash Out Tea Stains
Remedies for removing tea stains.