4 Things You’d Never Think to Clean

Here are a few germ hot spots that warrant your occasional attention.

from Best You: Instant Health Answers

Given that they’re invisible to the naked eye, germs might be growing on places you’d never consider cleaning. Here are a few that warrant your occasional attention:

1. Telephone receivers. In his research, Dr. Gerba found significant numbers of illness-causing bacteria and viruses on telephone receivers.

2. Shower curtains. They get wet most every day, and they often stay wet, making them a perfect habitat for mold.

3. Indoor garbage cans. Particularly those in the kitchen and bathroom. Emptying them isn’t cleaning them. Regularly scrub them to make sure germs aren’t germinating.

4. Automatic dishwashers. Take a close look at the edges of the door on your dishwasher. Many are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. The same goes for the rubber cushioning that surrounds most refrigerator doors.

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    • Uhuh

      As another pro cleaner I agree with all the things mentioned by the article & comments. A couple of things not listed are the spaces under stoves and fridges. I once found a long lost pearl earring under the fridge, yeah I handed it in :)

    • JB

      The top rim of your washing machine is a breeding area for mold. tilt the drum to the side to expose the area so you can wipe it down. Leaving the lid open when not in use helps keep it dried out. Also keeping your shower curtain closed when not in use helps keep it dried out.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=612965713 Emirca L.

      of them i have three ( no dishwasher) and i certainly clean all. once a month  or twice. things you learn growing up in a warm environment is that mold will always try to take hold!