4 Things You’d Never Think to Clean

Here are a few germ hot spots that warrant your occasional attention.

from Best You: Instant Health Answers

Given that they’re invisible to the naked eye, germs might be growing on places you’d never consider cleaning. Here are a few that warrant your occasional attention:

1. Telephone receivers. In his research, Dr. Gerba found significant numbers of illness-causing bacteria and viruses on telephone receivers.

2. Shower curtains. They get wet most every day, and they often stay wet, making them a perfect habitat for mold.

3. Indoor garbage cans. Particularly those in the kitchen and bathroom. Emptying them isn’t cleaning them. Regularly scrub them to make sure germs aren’t germinating.

4. Automatic dishwashers. Take a close look at the edges of the door on your dishwasher. Many are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. The same goes for the rubber cushioning that surrounds most refrigerator doors.

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    • Tnkrbll1313

      I have fabric shower curtains. They dry quickly with no mold or mildew.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to give the dishwasher a hot shower but if my wife caught us we’d both would  have  to go. And I would never hear the end of it.

    • Red_concord

      forgot to wipe the remote control every now and then

    • Sobreea

      I clean my phone, I clean my trash can.  I deliberately buy cheap shower curtains so I can throw them away.  I tried cleaning shower curtains a bunch of times and nothing happened except ruined shower curtains or it took FOR. EV. ER. to get them to clean right, so I just replace them.  I don’t have a dishwasher. 

    • grande dame

      Oh, please. Anyone with a lick of sense would know that these things get dirty. 
      Regarding the shower curtain, I have a nice cloth shower curtain – I buy cheap liners at the Dollar store and throw them away when they get dirty – washing the cloth curtain about once a month.  As for the wastebasket, doesn’t your nose tell you if it needs cleaning? After a phone call, a gentle swipe with an antibacterial wipe will fix your phone right up, and a run with bleach in the dishwasher without dishes will disinfect and clean the inside, then just wipe down the rubber gaskets with a damp cloth.  All of these take a minimum amount of time and you will feel so self righteous afterwards.  

    • Johnson614

      I clean my telephones weekly, more frequently, if someone in household is ill.  I throw shower curtain & liner every other week; kitchen trash can is cleaned weekly others at least once a month; dishwasher door and seals are wiped once a month (bleach is put in dishwasher with no dishes and run on auto setting once a month)

      • Linda C. Dines

        Computer keyboards and cell phones are similar in shared germs, I wipe them down also.

    • http://twitter.com/unwrittenbook malika bourne

      Got 4 new things to clean now during my computer break.  right after finishing cleaning the vac and changing the belt. thanks for the heads up. Malika

    • Karol

      Get a shower curtain liner for $3, You can use scrub free on it, I usually throw mine away buy a new one after use of  3-6 months.. cheap enough..

      * Add to that the kitchen dish drainer- Clean it in sudsy hot / add some cloroz -water.. soak the entire unit for about 5-10 minutes to hold harmless all germs/bacteria.. even that you don’t see.
      Make sure you also do the utensil holder!

      * always soak your dishcloth in hot sudsy /clorox water.. daily doesn’t hurt/ clorox several times a week at least. Good reason not to buy designer dish clothes.. white works!

      • Anonymous

        I change my dishcloth every day.

    • Mama

      Pish posh…I routinely clean all of those items.  How about the rubber gaskets around the frig? The dish drainer tray…most housewives know all about these things.

    • Noe

      I also clean houses for a living.  Among my top priorities; toilet handle, light switches and door handles.