4 Toxic Cleaners to Avoid

Avoid these 4 toxic cleaners and opt for a greener solution.

from Best You Instant Health Answers

1. Corrosives. Lye, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, and sulfuric acid are sometimes used in drain, oven, and toilet cleaners. They are some of the most dangerous chemicals in your home.

2. Bleach. Chlorine bleach does a great job killing bacteria, mold, and viruses, but its fumes are irritating to the lungs and eyes, and it is brutal on the environment.

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3. Phosphates. Often found in detergents for dishes and clothes, these minerals can cause serious environmental problems.

4. Petroleum products. Cleaners with oil-based ingredients like diethylene glycol have earth-damaging production methods, and are linked to health problems.

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