5 Pro Secrets for Fast Cleanups

Simple tips for easier cleaning anywhere in your home.

from Dollar Savvy

1. Clean clockwise.

Start at the stove and move clockwise around your kitchen.

2. Clean from top to bottom.

Wipe the exhaust hood over the stove before cleaning the cooking surface; wipe down counters, tabletop, and chair seats before sweeping the floor.

3. Clean dry before cleaning wet.

Collect crumbs with a dishtowel or microfiber cloth before spraying and wiping surfaces, use a dust mop or vacuum on the floor before using a disposable wet floor cloth.

4. Minimize your motion.

That is, develop a cleaning style that keeps you from repeatedly walking back and forth. For example, if lots of pantry items need to be returned to storage, place them on a tray as you clean. Once all have been gathered, carry them to the pantry.

5. Let cleaning products do the dirty work.

Spray cleaners on all surfaces, and let them go to work before you apply elbow grease. Start at the stove and move around the kitchen, spritzing appliances, countertops, and cabinets. Return to the stove and repeat the circuit, simply wiping the surfaces clean.

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    • http://www.keenongreenrecycle.com/ Elham

      Great post. I always start the dishwasher right before bed and then empty it first thing in the morning. That allows me to load it immediately during the day as the dishes get dirty.

    • http://blinklist.com/users/ritabowersox Sara Dingess

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      Wow, what lovely tips. I was having a problem with cleaning my house, since I really don’t have much time to clean it because of a busy schedule. This is the answer to all those people who have the same problem like mine. With these tips, I will finally be able to clean my house to the soonest.

    • http://www.commercialcleaningnewyork.com/schedule/ Corie Drane

      These tips are so useful if you want to save time; especially if you always have a busy schedule. Everyone wants to maintain the clenliness of their homes! Of course, you would want to finish this task right away, and yet you are ensured that every part of your home is clean. It would be better that you make a list of the tasks to be done on your home so you would be able to avoid forgetting things.