6 Reasons to Save Your Baby Wipe Containers

Organize your stuff
Don’t toss those empty wipes containers. These sturdy plastic boxes are incredibly useful for storing all sorts of items. And the rectangular ones are stackable to boot! Give the containers a good washing and let them dry thoroughly, then fill them with everything from sewing supplies, recipe cards, coupons, and craft and office supplies to old floppy disks, small tools, photos, receipts, and bills. Label the contents with a marker on masking tape, and you’re set!

Make a first-aid kit
Every home needs a first-aid kit. But you don’t have to buy a ready-made one. Gather up your own choice of essentials (such as bandages, sterile gauze rolls and pads, adhesive tape, scissors, and triple-antibiotic ointment) and use a rectangular baby wipes container to hold it all. Before you add your supplies, give the container a good washing — and rub the inside with alcohol on a cotton ball after it dries.

Use as a decorative yarn or twine dispenser
A clean cylindrical wipes container makes a perfect dispenser for a roll of yarn or twine. Simply remove the container’s cover, insert the roll, and thread it through the slot in the lid, then reattach the cover. Paint or paper over the container to give it a more decorative look.

Store your plastic shopping bags
Do you save plastic shopping bags for lining the small wastebaskets (or perhaps for pooper-scooper duty)? If so, bring order to the puffed-up chaos they create by storing the bags in cleaned, rectangular wipes containers. Each container can hold 40 to 50 bags — once you squeeze the air out of them. You can also use an empty 250-count tissue box — the kind with a perforated cutout dispenser — in a similar manner.

Make a piggy bank
Well, maybe not a “piggy” bank, per se, but a bank nonetheless, and one that gives you a convenient place to dump your pocket change. Take a clean rectangular container and use a knife to cut a slot — be sure to make it wide enough to easily accommodate a quarter — on the lid. If you’re making the bank for a child, you can either decorate it or let her put her own personal “stamp” on it.

Hold workshop towels or rags
A used baby wipes container can be a welcome addition in the workshop for storing rags and paper towels — and to keep a steady supply on hand as needed. You can easily keep a full roll of detached paper towels or six or seven good-sized rags in each container.

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