7 Quick Ways to Organize Your Child’s Closet

Customize a closet for your little one with these handy tips.

from Householder's Survival Manual

Besides looking great, a neat, well-organized closet can encourage children to dress themselves, hang up their clothes, and stow their dirty laundry. The small size of children’s clothing makes it that much easier to organize their closet space. These tips will help you get the most out of your child’s closet.

1. Install coated wire shelving to add more storage space to a child’s closet.

2. Purchase pull-out baskets and place them conveniently low, offering self-service bins for clothes and toys.

3. Move a rod lower to offer accessible hanging space.

4. If possible, find a spot for a hamper to keep dirty clothes picked up.

5. Put shoes in a clear plastic box on the floor. Set up a box for socks, too.

6. Low hooks are handy holders for in-season hats. Use blunt-edged hooks to keep children safe from sharp edges.

7. Higher shelves and rods provide places for out-of-season clothing and the hand-me-downs waiting for the next growth spurt. Always keep in mind that children often play in their closets, so make sure adjustable shelves can withstand some climbing. Look for a locking mechanism to prevent shelves from tipping.