9 Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Get quick tips for time-saving cleanup on your most-used kitchen tools.

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A Blender Cleaning Secret

A Blender Cleaning SecretiStock/Rocky89
1. Family physician and author Jill Grimes has a great tip to clean the blender. 'After you pour your drink, take the pitcher straight to the sink. Put in a little water and a drop of dish soap, put it back on the blender, and turn it on for 20 seconds. Rinse it out and you’re done.' From Best You

2 Microwave Cleaning Shortcuts

2 Microwave Cleaning ShortcutsiStock/Maximkostenko
2. The quickest way to clean a microwave oven is to place a handful of wet paper towels inside and run it on High for 3-5 minutes. You don't need a science lesson to know that the steam from the towels will soften the grime. Once the paper towels cool down, use them to wipe the oven's interior. -- Amazing Home Problem Solver 3. To deodorize, combine 1 cup of water with ½ cup of lemon juice in a measuring cup or bowl and heat it on high for 3–5 minutes. Let it stand in the microwave for 5–10 minutes before removing. -- How to Clean Just About Everything

A Quick Coffee Pot Tip

A Quick Coffee Pot TipiStock/StockImages_AT
4. The glass jug that comes with a coffeemaker can quickly develop a brown, blotchy haze – especially when you leave it on for long periods of time. For the quickest cure, you will need some ice, salt and a lemon. Fill the empty jug a quarter full of ice. Cut the lemon into quarters and squeeze two of the quarters into the jug. Add 2 tablespoons of salt. Swirl the mixture in the jug for 2 minutes and the inside surface will quickly come clean. Rinse under the tap. -- Five Minute Fixes

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Clean a Cast-Iron Pan

Clean a Cast-Iron PaniStock/Nicholas McComber
5. Most cooks know that you should never use liquid soap on a cast-iron pan and never scrub it with anything abrasive if you want to maintain its well-oiled nonstick surface. So how do you clean it? Use salt. If the pan will not rinse clean with water and a soft dishcloth, rub it with a few tablespoons of salt and a paper towel, and rinse. Then replenish the oil film by coating the inside surface with a dab of cooking oil. -- Five Minute Fixes

A Coffee Grinder Trick

A Coffee Grinder TrickiStock/ca2hill
6. Run a small handful of uncooked white rice through the coffee grinder, especially if you use it for grinding anything other than coffee beans. Most coffee experts advise against using your machine for grinding dry spices since the smells from grinding ingredients, such as cinnamon sticks and dried basil, are nearly always impossible to get out. -- How to Clean Just About Everything

Cheese Grater Tip

Cheese Grater TipiStock/JoeGough
7. Keep a clean pastry brush handy for removing every last remnant of grated food left behind in the tiny grates. It works like a charm on both sides of the grater. -- How to Clean Just About Everything

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Disinfect the Garbage Disposal

Disinfect the Garbage DisposaliStock/YaroslavBon
8. Deep clean and deodorize a waste disposal unit by grinding ice cubes made with half vinegar, half water. -- Amazing Home Problem Solver

Coffee Cup Saver

Coffee Cup SaveriStock/YaroslavBon
9. Remove coffee stains from china cups by scrubbing them with equal parts vinegar and salt. -- Amazing Home Problem Solver

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67 thoughts on “9 Quick Kitchen Cleaning Tips

  1. Thank you for the great tips! I really hate cleaning my oven as well as my blender. Most of the time, I make healthy smoothies for my kids and washing them afterwards is my biggest nightmare. But thanks to you! It would be a worry free cleaning day then. Can you suggest any products that you use in cleaning your oven?

  2. Another tip: skip the vinegar ice trick for disposals.

    Next time you cut a lemon for juice, toss the halves in the disposal and grind them up. The pith will scrub the blades, the remaining juice will disinfect, and the lemon oil will deodorize. I squirt a glob of dish soap in at the end to help the pith pass through, which foams up and helps the cleaning job.

  3. If a little mild dish soap ruins your cast iron, you didn’t season it properly. Old lye soaps could ruin a season, but modern soaps don’t stand a chance against a good, hard carbonized layer. I don’t use soap every time, but I don’t hesitate to scrub the pan out with a little if something sticks or burns. I just reheat and re-oil the pan for good measure. Keep steel wool and oven cleaner away from it, and you should be fine.

    And no, it won’t make your food taste like soap, either, so long as you rinse well. Cast iron is slightly porous, but the seasoning is not.

  4. This is a normal way to clean kitchen and by adding couple of soap drops in that it also cleans and removes the sticky substances, and then rinse thoroughly. I use this way of cleaning almost for every machine.  

  5. Rather than using vinegar and salt, I put a teaspoon of sugar in my cup and a few drops of water. Then just use my fingers to rub the sugar around the inside of the cup and along the rim. The sugar acts as an abrasive and you end up with a nice clean cup in seconds.  If you have sugar cubes, that works well too. 

  6. To freshen my garbage disposal I just grind up citrus fruit peels. It works every time.

  7. Readers digest is one of the gratest magazine in the world . there is no originality computerate in  s. gurumurthy  

  8. These tips are really effective.I have try some of these.Fantastic blog. You’ve made some great points and it’s written really well.

  9. Wow all the pics are superb.Nice tips you have shared with us.I have try some of these .Its really work.You have done a great job by sharing these tips with us.I like these tips .Keep sharing with us in future too.

  10. This “cleaning method” doesn’t work.  While it’s true, you can’t see any residual food on the visible parts of the blender, but the next time you take it apart you can see the food you miss with this method.  To get the blender, blade gasket cleaned thoroughly you must take it apart.

  11. Another great cleaner are Denture tablets!  Use them in the toilet, coffee pot, coffee mugs, thermos, fill the bathroom sink and plop a couple in, gets the ring around the tub drain, etc.

  12. If you live in a hard-water area, chrome parts of plumbing fixtures probably develop a hard white scum that is almost impossible to remove.  To remove it from the area around the drain, close the drain and pour in enough white vinegar to cover the scum.  Let it sit 5-10 minutes and wipe it clean.  For similar stains on faucets, soak a cloth or paper towel in white vinegar and wrap it around the faucet.  After a few minutes, scrub it with the cloth, and it will come clean.   To remove buildup in a shower head, put a cup or two of white vinegar in a plastic bag and put it over the shower head so that it is covered by the vinegar.  After 10 minutes, remove the bag and run hot water through it for a minute or so.  To remove soap scum from showers, etc., put vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it onto the scum.  If the scum isn’t completely gone, scrub it with a baking soda paste and then spray it with vinegar again before you clean off the paste.  The resulting chemical reaction will leave it clean and shining.

  13. I have several cast-iron skillets, various sizes, that I have had for over fifty years.  Some of them were “heirlooms” when I was given them!  And I wash them with soap and water, and scrub them clean.  The next thing you do is towel dry the pan, and then place it on a hot burner for a few minutes, to dry out the “pores” (cast iron is porous).  While it is still warm (not hot) spray it with vegetable oil and wipe with a dry paper towel.

    Ever so often, I bake cornbread in my skillet…that will really restore the well-oiled surface:  Melt the shortening as you pre-heat the skillet (necessary when baking in cast iron) in the oven.  That is the one time I don’t scrub with soap!  Just wipe out with a paper towel.

  14. WD40 cleans shower doors and leaves them shining.  It was made to clean the tiles on shuttles and works wonderful on the shower doors.

    1. Yes it does.  And….using Rain-X (used for auto windshields) on the doors will help prevent water spots and soap scum buildup on shower doors. 

  15. Where’s the ninth “Quick Kitchen Cleaning Secret”?  Heading says “9”…I only see 8.

  16. A few years ago a cleaning person used something called Toilet Duck ( no longer on the market ) in my powder room toilet and let it sit without flushing it.  When we returned a few days later from a trip, there was a permanent blue stain around the water line.  I have tried everything to get it out excluding bleach ( not good for septic tanks ) and nothing works.  That cleaning person is no longer with us but although lighter,  the blue stain is.  Any suggestions?      

    1. A pumice stone that you would use on callouses works great.  Get it wet and any marks or residue on toilet bowls just disappears.

    2. I don’t know… but would suggest you try WD-40 and let it sit for a while before washing it off. THEN scrub with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda (which I use for everything)

  17. Dissasemble your blender container after a few times using this tip, and you may find as I did, that there is gunk around the rubber gasket that doesn’t get cleaned. I have gone back to the old way of cleaning it.

  18. You use a hand towel to mop around the toilet?  YUK.  Even if you wash it–yuk.  Paper towel for me.

  19. Or you can just put it in your dishwasher every so often…it will sparkle.

  20. Another good way to clean the stains from coffee cups is to use baking soda.  It works great!

  21. I run water & vinegar thru the pot to clean all areas. (turn on)   It works on the glass pot as well.  Let set a little, wipe out and rinse and dry.  Run just plain water thru after using the vinegar to clear out. Works great!

  22. That is soooo not true (w/ respect to just running a blender with a drop of detergent in it to clean it).  You have to take a part a blender, being careful not to lose the rubber ring or you will end up with yucky tasting bacteria ruining your drink next time.  This is  a guy tip.  A woman knows you also have to take the blender apart to clean it.

  23. Love the quick tips…like using vinegar and salt (natural items) rather than all these chemicals!

  24. Coffeepot:  I learned this from a nurse when I was doing family support for the ICU and CCU at hospital.
    Pour 1/4 cup of Clorox into the glass pot and swirl it around, then rinse thoroughly.  It does the job fast and coffee tastes better.

  25. Coffeepot:  I learned this from a nurse when I was doing family support for the ICU and CCU at hospital.
    Pour 1/4 cup of Clorox into the glass pot and swirl it around, then rinse thoroughly.  It does the job fast and coffee tastes better.

  26. *I clean my cast iron frying pans with dishwashing soap and, if needed, a copper scrubber.  To prevent rust, after rinsing well, just place on a hot stove eye till the pans are completely dry, and, if you live in a damp/humid area, rub a bit of cooking oil/shortening to coat the pan. 
    *I clean my coffee pot with a mixture of baking soda and water to remove coffee film.
    *I clean my microwave by sanitizing my dishwashing sponge:  nuke on high for 3 minutes, let cool and steam, wipe, rinse, done.

  27. To clean your coffee maker just run white vinegar through your maker maybe twice then run water through about three times. This will rid it of all of the mineral deposits.

  28. What is an easy and safe way to clean the inside of a coffee maker?
    Thanks for your help! 

    1. To clean the inside of the coffee maker, use equal parts water and white vinegar.  Run them through just as you would if making coffee.  Dump & run a full amount of water through to rinse out any leftover vinegar taste/smell.

      1. I do the same, only instead of vinegar, I’ve found baking soda works better!   

  29. To keep stainless steel looking smart, first clean it and dry it with washing up liquid or steel cleaner, then to keep it nice and smear free, put a few drops of baby oil on a cloth and rub it in.  Works on hobs, splashbacks, sinks outside of ovens, kettles and microwaves..also on handles to stop them going rusty.  It only needs a little.

  30. To clean an oven which does not have stay clean linings you do not need strong chemicals, use a past of bicarbonate of soda and water, paste it on with a cloth and the grease easily comes off, then wipe the oven clean.  when it is nice and clean put another clean paste of bicarb and water on with a clean cloth and let it dry, next time the oven needs cleaning all you need is a damp cloth.  This works on microwaves as well.

  31. Clorox cleanup does a fantastic job…and works really fast!

  32. Try using dishwasher powder to clean the soap film in the shower / bathtub.  It takes a spoon full in warm water and rub down with wash cloth. 

    1. How do you clean soap scum off the shower stall door?  We use a compressed tablet to clean dishes in our dishwasher (Finish tabs), and so we don’t have the dishwasher powder as you suggest.  What else works? 

      1. Soap scum on shower walls?  Once you remove the scum using one of the various suggestions posted, thereafter, always use only liquid soap.  There’s something in bar soap that is intended to harden the soap that gets stuck on the tile walls.  Most bar soaps also come in liquid form.

  33. To clean tea and coffee stains from china cups, add hot water and a little dishwasher powder.   Let stand and the stains will disappear.

  34. To clean tea and coffee stains from china cups, add hot water and a little dishwasher powder.   Let stand and the stains will disappear.

  35. I love your suggestions, but we should really try to get away from using so many paper towels.  Dish clothes are reusable and don’t fill up the landfill. :~)

  36. a couple of drops of dishwasher soap works well also, just mix with water and swirl then rinse thoroughly.

  37. a couple of drops of dishwasher soap works well also, just mix with water and swirl then rinse thoroughly.

  38. Not really great tips. My tip is try to have one 10-15 min. cleaning chore done a day. I have 4 bathrooms and in 10-15 min. I can do all toilets, sinks and mirrors. Then in each bathroom I use the handtowel going into the laundry to mop the area around the toilet and sink, backing out of the bathroom as I mop.

    1. I’m sorry, but I would NEVER consider using a towel designated for people’s hands or face to mop up a floor, especially around the toilet. I realize it will be washed, but you wouldn’t use the same sponge on your toilet as on your dishes, even though it might be sanitized in between, right?

    1. If you don’t have a self cleaning oven it is pretty old and I would put it on the list of things to watch for to go on sale. Use oven cleaner per directions on the can. Then when it’s all sparkling clean, line the bottom with heavy duty foil that can be replaced when something spills over.

    2. If your oven has the self-cleaning feature by all means use it!  It works wonderfully!  The next day you will only have to do minimal scrubbing.

    3. Take oven racks spray with oven cleaner put in black bag leave for sveral hours then wash and backed on foods will come right off.  I do the with my outdoor grill also

    4. Take oven racks spray with oven cleaner put in black bag leave for sveral hours then wash and backed on foods will come right off.  I do the with my outdoor grill also

    5. Take oven racks spray with oven cleaner put in black bag leave for sveral hours then wash and backed on foods will come right off.  I do the with my outdoor grill also

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