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from Reader's Digest Magazine | May 2005

You can buy a filing cabinet, trash can, or shoe rack anywhere, but for picture-perfect organization, The Container Store has been the place to go for nearly three decades. Experts there can help you keep track of just about everything. Products range from the ordinary (spice racks; magazine files) to “I didn’t even know I needed it” innovations (a lazy Susan for inside your fridge; clips to keep your socks in pairs). The stores showcase more than 10,000 products to help you streamline a home office or unclutter a garage. The signature elfa, a ventilated steel shelving system that’s simple to install, fits any area of the home and can easily be adjusted to meet changing storage needs. The retailer offers free space planning, whether you’re trying to tidy up a four-foot space or bestow order in a five-bedroom home.

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    • Theressa Kassing

      That sounds like a nifty place! There’s always value found in organization. Clean and clutter-free should be a quality to be aimed for to achieve both a calming and an efficient environment.