Kitchen Envy! 13 Tips to Finally Declutter Your Countertops for Good

It’s one of the toughest places in your house to keep clean, but these tips can help you get the job done.

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Do an inventory rundown


First things first—go through everything on your countertops and decide what stays in the kitchen, what belongs in another room, and what gets tossed. You’ll be surprised how much cleaner the room will start to look already. Here's 12 little hacks that will clear clutter from all parts of your life.

Rely on your walls


Mount calendars and to-do lists at eye-level on the wall. That way, you’ll free up counter space and won’t have an excuse to forget to cross off eggs on your shopping list. Use these tips for neater hallways.

Create makeshift mailboxes


Stop using your kitchen as a post office. Small cubbies installed underneath cabinets can be used as personal mailboxes for everyone in the family. Mounted file holders can also hold mail, coupons, and other important documents so they don’t get lost. Here's why getting rid of clutter will make you happier.

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Keep everyday items together


Cooking utensils that you use often—spatulas, serving spoons, can openers—should all be stored together in an easily accessible place. Put them in a durable vase or decorative pitcher to make that spot a home décor statement. Avoid these decorating mistakes that make your home look messy.

Utilize air space


Instead of cramming pots and pans into drawers, hang them from the ceiling or underneath tall shelves. Smaller items, like measuring cups, can hang from a towel bar with S hooks. Here's how to organize your kitchen and eat healthier.

Keep technology in one spot

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Keep one drawer or basket in your kitchen reserved for phones, chargers, and other techy devices. If a phone ever goes missing, you’ll know the first place to look.

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Put baskets under cabinets


Install a rod on that awkward wall space between your cabinets and countertop and use it to hang storage baskets. Store spices, utensils, and small dishware in a way that’s convenient and classy.

Relocate fruit


Bowls of fruit look nice, but they take up valuable space. Put a new spin on produce storage and try a stand. Purchase one or try making your own with flower pot holders.

Save space with shelves


It’s simple and efficient. Adding shelves to the side of a cabinet or corner creates a prime spot for cookbooks and fancier dishes you want to keep on display. Here are other little upgrades that make your home look expensive.

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Revamp your coffee mugs

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Clumsy mugs are difficult to store. If you stack them, they could fall over and break. Give them an entire cabinet, and you take up space that could be used for other items. Try this artsy approach instead: find a vintage rack at a local thrift store and hang your mugs. No risk of chipping, and you’re left with more free kitchen space.

Hide large, bulky appliances


It’s no secret that coffee pots and blenders aren’t the most attractive things in your kitchen. When they’re not in use, keep them in an appliance storage garage. Everything stays in one spot, and there are no eye sores.

Don’t forget about under the sink


Possibly the most under-utilized spot in your kitchen, the cupboard under your sink is big enough for slow cookers, cutting boards, and cooling racks. Plus, putting in small racks and even a Lazy Susan makes organizing that much easier.

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Make it a family matter


The only way you’re sure to keep your counters clean is to give a consistent effort. Give them a quick clean at the same time every day to make sure everything is in the right place. Get your family in on your game plan as well. Cleaning is a lot easier when you have more than two hands at your disposal.

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