Out, Out, Damned Stains

Why struggle with an untested stain removal tip, or cry over stains that won't budge? Here's what really works on clothes and carpets.

from Reader's Digest | November 2011

Clothing Stains© James Woodson/Photodisc/Thinkstock

For what you wear:
Among pretreatment stain removers, Resolve ($3.29) came out on top in a recent Consumer Reports test. It “ably attacked coffee, blood, wine, sebum, grass, and motor oil,” says the magazine.

For what you walk on:
The new Stomp ‘N Go pads from Bissell ($4.99 for five) get a rave review from Good Housekeeping. Place one of the thin pads over a stain, stomp on it to release the stain-removing liquid, and let it sit. It removed red wine from a white carpet in two hours in the Good Housekeeping Research Institute test. Spaghetti sauce faded after 24 hours.

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