Create a Beautiful Lantern from a Liquor Bottle

Danny Seo transforms "trash" to treasure. Here he shares an illuminating way to light up your space. Check out this easy, chic craft idea!

from Reader's Digest, | August 2011

Liquor Bottles Reused as LanternsCourtesy Jennifer LevyThese oil lamps add sparkle to outdoor dining tables.
Wait, wait, don’t toss that! Danny Seo, the “crafty MacGyver” of the ecochic movement, is always thinking of ways to transform trash into treasure. In Upcycling: Create Beautiful Things with the Stuff You Already Have (Running Press, $18), he makes an oil lamp from a Patrón bottle (with a few hardware-store materials) — perfect for a cookout under the stars.

Here’s how to do it:
Funnel three inches or so of lamp oil into the empty bottle. Insert a 3/4-inch fiberglass wick; trim it so a half inch emerges from the mouth. Rest a 1 1/2-inch washer with a half-inch opening atop the mouth, and thread the wick through. Make sure the wick stays exposed a half inch above the mouth, and never leave your new oil lamp unattended.

Let there be light.

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