Thanksgiving Craft: Make a Glove Turkey

Have your kids create an easy turkey craft to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

For country youngster Mitchell S., Turkey Day and crafting go hand in hand.  “Every year I find a gobbler project that I make for Thanksgiving,” he notes from Middlebury, Indiana. This time, though, he came up with a design of his own. “I remembered how I used to trace around my hand in kindergarten to draw a turkey,” he notes.

“So I sorted through my mother’s box of unmatched winter gloves and picked out one to dress up with felt and feathers. We put it on the table as a centerpiece.”

Turkey beak Turkey beak

You can create a tom, too! First, ask a parent for the materials and help if you need it. Then follow the simple instructions we have here.

You Will Need Patterns (below) Tracing paper Pencil Scissors Scraps of red and yellow felt Brown knit glove Polyester fiberfill Clean empty pudding cup Two types of feathers (sold in craft stores) Two 10 millimeter wiggle eyes Low temperature glue gun and glue stick.

 What to Do 1. Trace patterns onto tracing paper and cut out. Cut felt as directed on patterns. Stuff thumb and fingers of glove with polyester fiberfill. Turn pudding cup upside down and pull open end of glove over cup so glove stands.

2. Referring to the photo above for position, glue a wiggle eye on each side of the thumb for a face.

3. Fold the beak in half so the points match. Apply glue to the back of the fold and attach it to the front of the thumb. Glue the narrow straight end of the wattle under the beak.

4. Glue feathers to all sides of fingers.

Finished size: Turkey shown is about 7 inches high x 6 inches wide. Size will vary with the glove used.