New and Improved Uses for Nail Polish

This super item does more than beautify your hands. Learn how to use it for repairs, sewing and more.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Mark levels inside a bucket
When you’re mixing in a big bucket, you don’t typically have the opportunity to lift the bucket to check the quantity. Besides, the bucket you use for mixing might not have the measurements clearly marked at all. Make sure you know you’re using the right amounts by marking pint, quart, and gallon (or half, full, and other liter) levels with lines of nail polish. Use a color that stands out against the bucket’s color.

Label poison containers
If everyone in your home has easy access to your cupboard, prevent someone from grabbing dangerous items in haste. Use dark red or other easily visible nail polish to label the poisons. Draw an unmistakable X on the label as well as the lid or spout.

Waterproof address labels
When you’re sending a parcel on a rainy day, a little clear polish brushed over the address information will make sure your package goes to the right place.

Prevent rust rings from metal containers
If your guests are going to peek into your medicine cabinet, you don’t want them to see rust rings on your shelves. Brush nail lacquer around the bottom of shaving cream cans and other metal containers to avoid those unsightly stains.

Prevent rusty toilet seat screws
If you’re installing a new toilet seat, keep those screws from quickly rusting. Paint them with a coat or two of clear nail lacquer; it will also help prevent seat wobble by keeping the screws in place.

Tarnish-proof costume jewelry
Inexpensive costume jewelry can add sparkle and color to an everyday outfit, but not if it tarnishes and the tarnish rubs off the jewelry and onto your skin. To keep your fake jewelry and your skin sparkling clean, brush clear nail polish onto the back of each piece and allow it to dry before wearing.

Protect your belt buckle’s shine
Cover new or just-shined belt buckles with a coat of clear polish. You’ll prevent oxidation and guarantee a gleaming first impression.

Get rid of a wart
Warts are unsightly, embarrassing, and infectious. In order to get rid of warts and prevent spreading the virus to others, cover them with nail polish. The wart should be gone or greatly diminished in one week.

Tip: Using Nail Polish

  • To keep nail polishes fresh and easy to use, store them in the refrigerator. Keep them together in a little square plastic container.
  • Shaking a polish bottle to mix the color can cause bubbles. Roll the bottle between your palms instead.
  • Wipe the inside threads of your nail polish bottle and cap with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover before closing them. It’ll open more easily.