How to Care for Your Lawn According to Season

Pay attention to the calendar as it will dictate your garden maintenance.

By Liz Connolly from 10,001 Timesaving Ideas

Early autumn (September)

  • Do the first mowing as lawns begin to regrow with warmer weather. Remove weeds and moss from damp areas. Naturalized bulbs will be flowering (don’t mow these areas).

Autumn (October to November)

  • Mow regularly, maintain edges near paths and garden beds, and spread fertilizer if there’s been rain.

Winter (December through February)

  • Water at night or in the early morning once or twice a week. Don’t water an established lawn during drought – let it survive on its own (lawns from running grasses regrow once rain returns). Mow regularly and maintain the lawn edges.

Spring (March to May)

  • This is the best time to revive your lawn, treat it for compaction and re-sow damaged areas or lay a new lawn. Plant bulbs for naturalizing if desired. Fertilize in early autumn to encourage strong growth as the season cools.

Summer (June to August)

  • Mow occasionally, treat emerging weeds – especially bindi-eye – and other prickly lawn weeds, and aerate compacted lawns. Expect warm-season lawns to brown off in frost (they’ll re-green in spring). Cool-season grasses are green and lush throughout winter. Water occasionally.