Great Tips for Reusing Old Tires

3 practical ways to reuse old tires.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Protect your vegetables
Plant your tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers, or other vegetables inside tires laid on the ground. The tires will protect the plants from harsh winds, and the dark rubber will absorb heat from the sun and warm the surrounding soil.

Make a classic tire swing
A swing made from an old tire is a timeless source of pleasure for children of all ages. To make one in your backyard, drill a few drainage holes in the bottom of the tire. Drill two holes for bolts in the top, bolt two chains to the tire, and suspend it by the chains from a healthy branch of a hardwood tree. Use 3/16-inch (18-millimeter) playground chain. Put some wood chips or other soft material under and around the swing to cushion falls.

Store plumbing snakes
An old bicycle tire is just the right size to store metal snakes used to clean plumbing lines or “fish wires” used to run electrical cables inside walls. Just lay the snake or fish wire inside the tire, where it will expand to the shape of the tire and become encased within it. Then you can hang the tire conveniently on a hook in your workshop, garage, basement, or shed.