Halloween Napkin Rings

Perk up your holiday table with these spooktacular napkin rings.

Figures: Trace patterns onto tracing paper and cut out. Cut felt as directed on patterns.

Use the end of a paintbrush handle to dab a dot of black paint onto each hole of the white and lilac buttons for eyes. Center larger black dot below holes of white button for a mouth.

Dab a yellow dot onto each hole of the black 3/8- inch button and one black 1-inch button. Add a dot of black on each yellow dot for pupils.

For mouths, center a red dot below the holes of the painted 1-inch black button and painted lilac button.

Cat: Wrap a ring with orange yarn. Referring to shaded areas on patterns and photo below for position, glue ears behind the painted 1-inch black button and tail behind the unpainted 1-inch black button. Glue buttons to ring.

Tie a knot in center of a 3-inch length of black floss and glue to cat’s face for whiskers. Trim ends to desired length.

Spider: Wrap a ring with white yarn. Cut four 3-inch lengths of black floss for legs. Stack the pieces and tie a knot in middle of stack. Glue knot to ring. Trim so each leg is 1 inch long.

Center and glue a 9/16-inch black button on top of knot. Overlap the bottom of this button with top half of 3/8- inch black button and glue.

Ghost: Wrap a ring with black yarn. Referring to photo (page 1) for position, glue white felt ghost onto ring. Glue white painted button onto the head.

Witch: Wrap a ring with variegated yarn. Referring to photo (page 1) for position, glue 3/4-inch lilac button onto ring. Untwist jute string and glue around top of button for hair. Glue hat over top of hair.

Finished size: Napkin rings are 1 to 1 ¾ inches high x 1 ¾ inches wide.