Home and Garden Uses for Ammonia

Clever ways to use ammonia in the kitchen, garden and all around the house.

from Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Use as plant food
Give the alkaline-loving flowering plants and vegetables in your garden — such as clematis, lilac, hydrangea, and cucumbers — an occasional special treat with a shower of 1/4 cup ammonia diluted in 1 gallon (3.7 liters) water. They’ll especially appreciate the boost in nitrogen.

Keep stray animals out of your trash
Few things can be quite as startling as a raccoon leaping out of your garbage pail just as you’re about to make your nightly trash deposit. Keep away those masked scavengers and other strays by spraying the outside and lids of your garbage bins with half-strength ammonia or by spraying the bags inside.

Remove stains from concrete