Low-Cost Tips for an Efficient Workshop

Ways to keep your workshop neat and efficient.

Control Work-Surface Clutter
Try these ideas to organize other odds and ends that clutter up the workshop:

1. Create a string dispenser by cutting off the bottom half of a 2-liter plastic soda bottle. Nail the inside of the top half upside down on a wall; place the string inside with the end dangling through the bottle neck. Tie scissors to the dispenser with a length of string for handy cutting.

2. Round up rolls of tape by slipping them onto a toilet paper holder mounted on a wall or workbench.

3. Holders for bolts, nails, screws,
picture hooks, and other small items can be made from small plastic containers. Use transparent tape to attach a sample item to the outside of each container so you can find items at a glance.

4. Make nail holders from gallon plastic bottles. Leave lids on and cut a section from the top of each one opposite the handle. When the bottles are stored on their sides and filled with nails, the weight of the nails keeps them from rolling. Off the shelves, the bottles can stand upright, and their handles make them easy to carry to any household job site.